About Us

Footloose No More is the ORIGINAL concept started in India in 2009 by the brother sister duo of Abhishek&Varsha (Yeah those are our names). We had no business plan or any great foresight to starting it and it was pure fate and a very personal need that gave birth to Footloose No More at 2 am one rainy August night.

It just so happened that I had broken up with my then girlfriend (actually got dumped is more like it) and was at a loose end for over a year. I could not find someone who I liked or more importantly ..someone who liked me. So one fateful day, feeling all sad and mopey, I was cribbing to my sister, Varsha, about the sorry state of my loveless life… and lo & behold, we came up with the idea of starting FNM on facebook as a group. We sent invites to all our friends and asked them to forward it to all their single friends and before we knew it… FNM was being written about in every leading news paper and magazine as a breakthrough idea.

It turned into a huge success overnight and as they say… the rest is history. Even my sister (varsha… who was single for a really really long time) managed to meet someone really nice and got married. Since then there have been LOT of couples who have found each other and most importantly, they are all people “like us”.

What started as a personal quest to find someone in just the few metros is now operating on a national & international level and we aim to help you find someone “just like you” for YOURSELF. (Here your parents cant register you or try and search for you..YOU have to do it.)

Today, Footloose No More still stands out as a place which is synonymous with SAFETY and QUALITY while holding on to its core belief... which is .. "Making the route to marriage SUPER FUN.. coz that's the way it should be"!

If you need to know more about us, you can always view all the section on the home page or write to us on info@footloosenomore.com