Safety Guidelines


We take your safety very seriously at and you should too. We make every effort to ensure remains safe and we have one of the toughest joining processes of any such sites, with every profile being manually checked by a real person but even after that there will be creeps who will manage to sneak in. Also as common sense will dictate, we cannot know any person's character or intentions… that is something each person must double/triple check on their own and if you feel uncomfortable about them or their intentions, it's best to exercise caution and not interact with them in any way.

You can also help us by making sure you:

o Use your common sense

o Do not say where you work or live; keep your personal details personal!

o Do not become Facebook friends with someone you don't know (they can find out everything about you!), never meet in your home (or anyone else's) and do not accept a lift.

o Watch your drink, plan your meet in a public place and tell people where you are going and with whom.

o Be careful - When you meet someone in an event, don't start handing out your mobile number just to save some cost on subscriptions on the site coz it's foolhardy.

o Remember, The events are only a platform for you to meet a real person FACE TO FACE and interact with them. But eventually you should take some time getting to know them better on the website via messages and chat etc. Next "if" you decide to befriend them on Facebook, see how your interaction goes there and then decide on taking it further.

o But eventually you must understand that YOU are responsible for your own safety and you cannot blame anyone else for your lapse of judgment.


We've prepared some guidelines for you and treat them as suggestions from us...but like we have already mentioned above…YOU must decide yourself what works for you.

You can also confidentially report any profiles that you think are inappropriate, or if someone's behavior is inappropriate/strange/rude when messaging. You can generate an "abuse report" - and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

At first:

Use only the messaging system at - it's safe, and it doesn't give out your personal details. Don't put personal details in your chat or in your messages (your phone number, your email address, your address etc).

When you pursue it further:

You'll need to share some contact information at some point. Create and use a free email account like Gmail or Yahoo for emails (and don't use your full name in the email address!), use a mobile phone number that you can easily change, if you can't simply block your number from appearing on someone else's phone.

Do not continue correspondence if you suspect someone is: o Being dishonest with you.

o Trying to pressurize you into a date, or find out your personal info.

o Ignoring your questions.

o Inconsistent with their information (look back through your correspondence with them to check). And then... the meet:

o Try to go out with a group of friends.

o Meet in a public place that you know. Don't let yourself be anywhere where there is no-one to call on, if a room starts to empty, move to where there are plenty of people around you.

o Do not arrange to be picked up or taken home by the person you are going out with, make your own travel arrangements.

o Tell a trusted friend about your meet: pass them the information you have about the person you are meeting, ask them to be available in case you need some support. Tell them where you are going, how long you expect to be, call them during the meet, and when you have arrived back home alone safely. o Take a mobile phone with you (fully charged and with credit)

o Stay in control and trust your instincts; don't worry about seeming impolite or overly cautious, anyone worth dating will understand. If you are asked to do something you don't want to do say no and be forceful with your statement.

o Keep an eye on your drink.


Scammers in Internet Dating.

Internet is a great way to meet new people and here at FNM, we do everything we can to make sure the people you meet through our site are genuine and lovely, just like you! Unfortunately Internet meeting as a whole has experienced some occasions where there have been attempts to use sites as a platform to carry out scams. Here at FNM we have VERY strict vetting procedures to ensure that everybody who joins is genuine, However, we wouldn't be doing our job properly if we didn't make you aware of the possible risks and what to do if you come across a profile which you suspect isn't genuine.

The number one rule (online in general) is:

NEVER GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE! (No matter how desperately they seem to need it!)

And number two:


On that note we hope you will exercise all caution and yet have a great time and hopefully meet someone here who you can marry and get the hell out of the single life.

We are always here to help you. You can get in touch with us on