1.Who can join this group?

a. Anyone who is single.

b. You should not be in the middle of a divorce.

c. You should not be just separated. You should be legally single.

d. Your wife doesn’t understand you or your husband doesn’t care DOES NOT amount to being single!

2.How is it different from other matrimonial or dating sites?

We are a combination of online & offline site. This means that you can interact online and if you wish, you can also meet other member face to face in a fun, safe, populated & interactive environment.

3.How do I become a member?

Click on “Register” tab on the home page.

You will have to log into your Facebook account.

A lot of your form will get prefilled with your information.

4. Why facebook?

Because it helps us in authenticating a LOT of things about you and also because it saves you the hassle of filling nearly 35% of the form as it will get auto filled. You can ofcourse review the info before submitting it.

5. Will my friends or family on facebook be able to see that I joined here?

No. Your activities here are completely private and we NEVER post to facebook either. So no worries on that.

6. Will I get approved instantly?

No. Your profile will be checked and you will even get a verification call before your profile is approved. We want “your kind of people” on the site so we are a little careful.

7. Why is the form longer than other sites?

Because there are no “quick fixes”. If a person is looking for someone diligently and seriously, he/she will take the time to fill out every aspect of the form and showcase themselves in the best and most honest way possible so that their chances of finding “the one” are REAL. If the person is in a quick fix mode or looking for “dating” options, they will not register here by themselves… and that works for YOU. The effort will “limit” the serial daters and hopefully you will find people who wont waste your time.

9. Can I invite my other single friends to join the site?

Yes. Not only can you invite them BUT if they join though the code you send, you will get free paid membership to access the entire site and all its features.

10. Will you send me matches?

Yes. We will.

10. Can I search myself also?

Yes. Unlike other sites, you can keep tweaking your own preferences to search for others.

11. Can I meet people at the events as well?

Yes you can. Events are held in the 4 metros currently but we will be expanding to other cities as well as countries soon. Here you will be able to meet others FACE TO FACE in a safe, populated and chilled out setting. So you don’t have to worry about those awkward coffee dates where the conversation runs out pretty quickly.

12. Can I meet a specific person at the event?

Yes you can. You have the option of inviting a member to the event. If they choose to accept your invitation, you can meet them at the event.

13. How about safety?

Good question. Though we will do our part in verification, it must be noted that nothing can be foolproof (irrespective of what any website in the world tells you). Also we can never vouch for anyone’s intent or character. Therefore, it is always best to also do your own due diligence in whetting any profile. If you feel uncomfortable, then go with your instinct coz eventually you..and you alone are responsible for your safety. Do read the safety guidelines for more info.

14. Is the site free?

Yes. Its got a set of FREE features and a set of PAID features. You can check the subscription plans for details