How We Met
“The advantage was that it's for us, the couple, to work out how we want to build the relationship. But with family and friends involved, there are too many dos and don'ts to follow.With us, it was just the “two of us” making decisions and the baggage was much ..much lighter. Thank you Footloose for your “madcap” way of doing things…It made things easy for us.”
“When looking through your own family, you may not end up meeting the kind of person I ended up marrying. For example, most of the people I know were either architects or corporates. Had we gone the traditional route, our profiles would never have matched because we come from such different backgrounds, professionally. But thankfully, we found each other …by ourselves.”
“I joined Footloose No More & was on it for 5 years but nothing seemed to work out. Then, just when I was about to quit for good, I met someone online. We chatted and messaged and things seemed to flow effortlessly but I wasn’t expecting much from it because sometimes even the best of intentions don’t really amount to anything. Though this time it was different. We connected over all things big and small, personal & mundane and eventually decided to give it a shot. I’ll have to say that for once, things DID pan out the way i wished they would! Thank you footloose .. The journey, albeit its ups & downs, was a lot of fun.”
“Karmic Kismat Konnection”

“Because both of us lost someone very close to us and value it dearly. 
Kismat: Because it was a total fluke that I joined this group..on a lark & met my (to be) wife immidiately.  Konnection : Because i became Footloose no more & cant stop smiling since. See my photo. i’m smiling..aren’t i?
“A friend suggested that i meet and interact with like-minded people…people who are single and are trying to find that special someone. So, i joined FLNM and met my wife soon after, dated for a bit and then got married with the blessings of our respective families. Today, i think Footloose No More is perhaps the best way for a single in india today to “connect” with kindered souls in similar situations.”
““Initially, I got pushed into FLNM by a few VERY caring friends who perhaps were bored of seeing me every weekend.
The best part for me was that my father (who is 70+ ) was extremely encouraging. I met my knight in shining amour. And somehow I knew he was different from the other friends/ dates I met anywhere...he is now my husband & I AM LOVING IT!
“Thanks Footloose No More for bringing us together. Not to mention the loads of new friends to treasure and cherish!”
“A great platform where we don’t have to wonder if anyone is single before approaching them in the quest for finding "THE ONE"! We found our “THE ONE” at a footloose party… and we hope all of you find yours.”
“I met my wife at the footloose party at Hard Rock in Mumbai and her very first words to me were….
“What’s this dodgy vodka you guys are serving?” And I said to myself… “what a cribber this chick is!”
“Anyhow… the conversation between us got better so we decided to go on our 1st date & 3 months later we got married …just as easily as that! Because sometimes… when the “minds’ connect… everything else simply falls into place.”
“Today my notion of “my type” has been rehashed by Footloose No More because there is so much more that makes one person “like” another than just the basics of caste & complexion. Today I tell everyone who is single out there..that what we think is the “perfect guy” could easily be different from…. the “right guy!”
“Ravi and I met at an event and turned out I had found my soul mate just like that! Today, I would like to say "go ahead and take a chance! Join in because your soul mate may be just an event or a message away.”
“As a single girl, I waited for my friends, family, neighborhood aunty, aunty's cousin, cousin's friend and everyone else I could find, to introduce me to "someone"! It didn't work and I realized that of things in the world, this had to be DIY (Do It Yourself)!
I started Footloose No More with the idea of finding that person who would be my other half. . And then one day, i met " the one" i was looking for. Oddly enough, he wasn't actively looking to get married when we met..but that surely changed pretty soon and my status changed from "footloose".. to "footloose no more"! Clearly, DIY was the way to go. So DIY, join up, get active and find the person who will be your other half.”
“There had never been a platform for singles to meet in India before this, so naturally I came with a friend to check out what it was like. And I was pleasantly surprised. Where else was i going to meet people with no pressure and discover them over fun events - in person! There was no awkwardness and everyone was chilled out. This was the cake.
The icing was that I met the perfect girl who matches not only my life, but my family's too!
Now married and 2 children later, I can happily say, "I'm Footloose no more!"