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“Footloose No More is one of the earliest on the digital block. It is a new –age marriage platform that helps connect well- educated, urbane & independent Indians and find true companions. They also organize offline events to help singles meet in informal settings.”
“The idea of Footloose No More came up when the founders, like many young people living in big cities, discovered that it wasn’t very easy to meet new people, let alone find love. The idea was to provide a space that would allow “modern, urban Indians” to choose their own partners and go from dating to perhaps matrimony at their own comfortable pace.”
“ If you’re simply looking to meet your own man without a family dolefully focussing on the above points with painstaking scrutiny or are a man living in the city and looking to meet your partner who may be fiercely independent and willing to sign up for all your shindigs, then look no further as Footloose No More comes to your rescue, engaging men and women who have been flying solo and don’t want to anymore.”
“This forum is not to be confused with dating clubs for singles or dating apps. It is for those who are done with dating & want to settle down."
“Footloose No More, a new-age platform for well-educated, urbane and independent people who want to meet single people with similar attitudes, lifestyles, values and education. This group encourages people to find their potential soulmates for the purpose of marriage.”
“Footloose No More is a unique concept. It’s for people who are well educated, well travelled and whose expectations from their spouses are different from their parents.”
“Loneliness can plague the young and single living in large cities. The reasons can be many like young professionals from smaller towns living without their families. Places like Footloose No More are getting increasingly popular with such age groups.”
“While many may not admit it, but getting married is considered one of the important necessities in Indian society. So once you have gone through the process of education and getting an employment, marrying and settling down is on everybody’s mind (even if the thought never crossed yours.) So in addition to all the dating sites, parties, family attempts and matrimonial sites as options to find your mate, may we also suggest Footloose No More (FNM). However, FNM is different.. a bulk of members on FNM is media professionals, journalists, lawyers, businessmen and corporate employees. “
“If you are fun, outgoing, good looking & also earn well. But you are still single. So where do you go looking for that prospective somebody? If you have tried every trick in the book and still haven’t been successful, then you might want to be on Footloose No More.”
“ The group has sub- communities based on common interests. So while other sites separate members based on caste, creed & preference of complexion, this one would rather have its members bond over the love of music, photography or movies.”
“It doesn’t matter how much money a person has. Money doesn’t entitle you to a membership.
It’s the kind of person you are..how you think..your personality and your lifestyle.”
“ The rules for joining Footloose No More are stringent. If a person is caught furnishing FALSE INFORMATION, his / her name & photo is put up on the site for everyone to see.”
“There are corporates, creative , artists… people like “us” here.”
“If you’re a single parent…Check out Footloose No More.There is a heavy amount of screening here before members are accepted. FNM attempts to make longer-lasting matches by organizing dedicated events for matches, but focuses more on weddings than simply dating.”